there has to be a reason i stopped feeling anything
embarrassing myself but I'm still counting ceiling
tiles to pass the days, nothing can stay
i drank the whole bottle, i forgot your birthday
and that's alright
i watched you undress, but holding hands is meaningless
i waited all winter but you moved in together

i can't wait patiently
i've drawn our names in concrete
you promise me one day
so i'll cross my fingers tightly

you never know how fucked up you are until you're all alone
looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror
cup my hands around the light, a house made of wax
count back from 10 and try to relax
i'll be alright
so close your eyes and take a deep breath
it's a jump from a ledge not a push off a cliff

we hit traffic on the turnpike
and we took turns driving all night
you drove head first into my bed
but i didn't crash until you left

clenching my fists and grinding my jawbone
when i'm with you i'm learning to be alone


from For Everest / Carb on Carb Split, released April 18, 2017
Recorded by Nick Pitman and Ian Pritchard.
Mixed by Nick Pitman.

For Everest is Sarah Cowell, Jon Crevier, Brian McFarland, Nick Pitman, and Ian Pritchard.