Last of the Dogstronauts

by For Everest

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Last of the Dogstronauts is For Everest's first EP. We've been talking about this for a long time and now we have something that we really hope you'll enjoy.


released April 2, 2013

All songs written between October 2011 and February 2012, and were subsequently tweaked and revised constantly until the final mix.
Recorded between August 2012 and March 2013 by Dave Stoecker.
Music by For Everest
Lyrics by Sarah Cowell and Nick Pitman
Mixed by Nick Pitman, with sage advice from Jeremy Hissong.
Mastered by Frank Flaherty

For Everest is:
Sarah Cowell - Vocals, Keyboards
Jeremy Hissong - Guitars
Brian McFarland - Drums
Nick Pitman - Vocals, Guitars
Joe Reichel - Guitars, Trumpet
Dave Stoecker - Bass

Gang vocals on "Ready by Tomorrow" by Julia Berke, Frank Flaherty, Nick Johnson, Camille Johnston, Yasmina Karrakchou, Brian McFarland, Joe Reichel, & James Webster.

Thank you to our friends and family who have helped us get to this point (we have more elaborate thank you's in the .pdf included in your download.)

"Exactly the Same" contains a quotation of John Mulaney's "Special Victims and Ice-T" routine. No one in the band ever intended to make light of eating disorders with this and we sincerely hope that we didn't offend anyone.




Track Name: Airmail
Impulse inside my head, the coming months say that I'm nearing the end. And the stars, they all speak their truths, that I don't know how to handle so soon. You had to share the sunlight with the sunset and I watched from the other side of the continent. You said today changed your life, in a postcard you dated last night. We shared a smoke and then a kiss. "Why does it always end like this?" Well i don't know, but I recall a placeholder for every wink and every thought that I would think, well I don't know what was the charm.
Track Name: Earheart
Amelia Earheart, ameliorate, what mysteries come from these cruel twists of fate? The great wide Atlantic, your canvas it seems, got lost in the middle of your own lofty dreams. What else is left from here? How does it feel, that just for one day, the rest of the land waits on your yea or nay? Electoral College, hallowed are your halls, & time will determine your triumphs and falls. November leaves, the trees climbing at the sky. Trying to get back, trying to get inside. History writers, what secrets are found in your cursive highways, in books leatherbound? Amelia darling, what went down with the ship? What pages went missing in your manuscript?
Track Name: Exactly the Same
It's losers hour at the local stops and I'm sitting here trying to beat the clock. It's a cautious night for a careful day and if this is how it is, then I really can't stay. You're just exactly the same. And if to you it's all just a game, then I guess we're both to blame. In which case: I'll see you around. Don't get me wrong, I'm having a good time, but it's getting boring and I need to find a better use/a bit less of a wait. I've looked all I can, but this is not my fate.
Track Name: Ready by Tomorrow
Twisted yellow runs across your skin as the night falls, where we let our demons in. Whisper nothing, I'll return a lie, and in the dead of night, I'll just let out a sigh. We walked past empty houses with no windows. We woke up at the ocean with bitter cold on our toes. In the backyard, through the side door, we know how not to care anymore. You are me, beside me, where are we? If you can't say it now, then when? December wrists are aching from banging on keys with no doors. My fingers fret across your neck, that symmetry of yours. Sit me upright, right in the eye. You sure love this sailor mouth of mine. If you can't say it now, then when? Where are we tonight?