For Everest Goes Pop

by For Everest

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Our guitarist, Jeremy, in addition to having an endless supply of hot chocolate and a passion for dinosaur puzzles, is an incredibly gifted and talented pop producer. He took these two old/rare For Everest tracks that we probably won't be playing any time soon and polished them into these top 40-ready hits. It's all very awesome and very silly.


released September 16, 2013

Recorded May - July 2011
"An Ode" music and lyrics by Nick Pitman
"Leviticus" music and lyrics by Sarah Cowell and Jeremy Hissong
Produced and Mixed by Jeremy "Pop God" Hissong

Sarah Cowell - Vocals
Nick Pitman - Guitars on "An Ode", Vocals
Jeremy Hissong - Everything else

Album artwork photo taken by Camille Johnston, starring Ian Pritchard. Photoshopped terribly by Sarah Cowell.




Track Name: Leviticus
You weren't old enough to buy beer so you said, "Pretty please,"
You are preaching to the choir and we all sing, "Ooh"

We're all looking for a 6-pack and a hand to grip,
and I'll get you yours if you get my drift

Can you get away?
I wouldn't trust you with this burden
Can you get away?
I wouldn't speak if you hadn't heard it
Can you? Can you? Can you? Can you? Can you get away?

You can kick and scream but I won't play nice
If the price is right I could make your night

It hangs and pulls at the corners now
A smile through my gated mouth
Did you forget what it feels like? Does it feel right?
Track Name: An Ode
Dust collects over a velvet box like a thick layer of snow
And her hand was digging through a drawer when it landed in the cold
And opening she saw the ring a young lover gave her long ago
And memories peeked through the cracks of her marriage that went cold

I'd remember all those sleepless nights
And I'd ask you but you'd not reply
You'd just stare out the window
And in the morning I saw that you were gone
And the things you left, well most were small
But I guess you couldn't untie the knot

For a day it sat on her dresser top and she pondered what to do
She tried to keep it out of sight since when she looked, the pain, it grew

I had waited but you never showed
And I had to learn to live on my own again
For reasons I didn't know
And the winters, they were oh so cold
And I wondered if you were okay though
The absence would only grow

So she took the ring and put it in a bag with a few more of his things
Brought it to the pawn shop to cash in all that time and see what it brings

Cause it took time but I'm not alone
And now I have a family of my own
And they don't even know
Of my old life, of my time with you
And well if you stayed maybe
We too could have seen what we could do
But you're just now a memory
Of a time so long ago you see
But i still wonder where you could be
So I thank you for the time we had
But it's time to bring our story to an end
So goodbye my lost husband