A Bag of Apples (Split)

by For Everest

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While on our first tour ever with Poison Oak, we stockpiled a literal bag full of apples that we kept in our van. We're so happy to be releasing these songs as a split with our best friends.


released January 10, 2014

For Everest is
Sarah Cowell - Keyboards, Vocals
Jon Crevier - Bass
Brian McFarland - Drums
Nick Pitman - Guitars, Vocals

Engineered by Frank Flaherty and Nick Pitman
Mixed by Nick Pitman
Mastered by Frank Flaherty

Artwork by Delaney "Javelins" Adams



Track Name: Blammo! Another Successful Interaction
I said this is my last smoke
You said “yeah sure,”
You always had a way of making a liar out of me
But tonight you’re right

Your eyes are glazed and i’m amazed
I’ve got you here
But you’re not staying
Tonight, i think i’m right

You’re standing in the doorway with that look on your face
Like i can be replaced
Like there’s no other way to be alone tonight
With you tonight

I spent the walk home thinking of the words i said
And how they racked up against the novels i had written in my head
So i think i’ll try to forget tonight

We were laughing about kings cup
And how no one ever plays by the same rules
But we don’t talk anymore,
Only at parties in passing
But i don’t miss it all that much
Selfish doesn’t describe how i thought
I could take you with me
By leaving you behind

I should have quit
While I was ahead
Instead of staying late
Then I couldn’t ask
What could have been
What I should have said
'Cause you only ever know the things
That are close enough to touch.
Track Name: Hunting Knife
Well, my father once said
"Patience is the key"
So I lived out my whole life methodically.

He was a bastard, I know
And when nothing went right
Well, at least he had given me my valuable hunting knife.

It was the sharpest I'd seen
With spots left to clean.

Yes, I hunt for sport
The adrenaline rush
As I lay here and wait and keep myself hushed.

What's next was a blur
All I recall is red
But the body on the floor is better off dead.

I came home that night
To see flashing lights.

And now my valuable hunting knife
Has made it's last and final strike.
And it was dirty anyway
So i threw it in the bay.

I wiped my fingerprints off
Because I couldn't stand the thought.

And I was doing nothing wrong
Yes, I'll assert this all along
Because I've got nothing to hide
Well, except for my hunting knife.